16 Year Old Takes to Singing to Fight Ovarian Cancer

An unusual diagnosis for a 16 year old girl from Toledo, Ohio proves that ovarian cancer can strike at any point in time in a woman's life.  Ellen DeGeneres picked up the story of Caly Bevier who turned to Rachel Platten's hit 'Fight Song.'  You have to watch this incredibly moving video from the Ellen Degeneres Show. 

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Rachel Platten's hit "Fight Song" is for anyone going through a difficult time, but for those struggling with cancer, it's as if the singer wrote it just for them. That's what 16-year-old Caly Bevier of Toledo, OH, said when she listened to the lyrics after being shockingly diagnosed with ovarian cancer last Summer. 

So, when Ellen DeGeneres had the teen on her daytime talk show to perform the song as a duet with Platten, tears were expected. What was less expected, however, was the powerful response from parents across the country following the moving performance.

When the clip from yesterday's show was posted to Facebook, it instantly went viral — the video was shared 198,000 times and garnered 290,000 "likes." Among the 15,000 comments were moms and dads sharing photos and stories of their own children's cancer struggles – all of them writing that the song was their child's "fight song" as well.